Love/Hate Relationship w/ Presenting

In the past week, I have presented at the US Space & Rocket Center for the Destination Imagination Conference in Hunstville, AL and at the Penn Stater Conference Center for the PA Principal’s Association EdLeader Summit in State College, PA .  On the way to both events, I asked myself – “What did you get yourself into?”  I get super nervous before these things, and I start second guessing my story/message.  Luckily, I know that it always turns out okay, so I push myself to keep putting myself out there.  I recognize how important it is for ALL educators to share his/her story, and I am grateful to be able to add my small part in to the world.

In honor of Open Educational Resources, I want to share both of my presentations.  I do not claim perfection from either presentation, but I am grateful for the educators who stood beside me to share the story of teaching/learning in my district.

Greg Wolfe (@Wolfe_Physics) is a Physics teacher and Science, Technology and Engineering Academy Leader in my district.  He was instrumental in planning the “Learning through Work” presentation for the Destination Imagination Conference.  Find the Google Slides here.  Greg and I decided the day before our scheduled presentation to ditch the original slides I created by myself, and we incorporated how PBL in our district helps to connect our students to the workplace in unique and creative ways.  Our co-created presentation was so much better than the original!  It was a huge letdown that only 5 people attended our session.  All that work!!!!

For the PA EdLeader Summit, I worked with Keera Dwulit (@keeradwulit) and Mike Hall (@mhall_AMS) to create the “Project-Based Learning (PBL):  Keepin’ It Real” presentation.  Find the Google Slides here.  We had a packed room of administrators from across PA for this presentation, and we received a lot of positive feedback about what we shared.  I hope that many of the participants will continue swapping stories with us about their own journey with PBL.

I left the PA EdLeader Summit wanting to submit more presentation proposals!  I know the next time I am about to begin a presentation that ever familiar anxiety will begin creeping in.



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