Traditional School contradicts Innovation

To kick off the study of a World-Class school, teachers were asked to watch a video featuring Dr. Tony Wagner discussing 5 ways that traditional schooling contradicts the creation of innovators.  Dr. Wagner has written extensively on the need for a culture of innovation in today’s schools and challenges each of us to transform the educational system to better equip our graduates for the demands ahead!  Check out Creating Innovators, Most Likely to Succeed or The Global Achievement Gap to learn more from this inspiring thought leader.


After watching the video, teachers were given time to reflect on the contradictions through a brainstorming activity.  Teachers used sticky notes to create solutions to each contradiction that would help better align the culture of schools with the culture needed for innovation!


How inspiring and hopeful to hear some common themes emerge from this… PBL, reimagining grading, portfolios, process over product, student-led projects, and teacher collaboration were just a few of the thoughts scattered about on the large whiteboards.  I can’t wait to see what these teachers ideate tomorrow!




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