Day34 of #100DayChallenge… Episode 1?

Even though I haven’t blogged in awhile, I have been busy trying to launch my Pittsburgh Gal Principal Podcast.  Here is a short summary of some of my recent learning activities:

  • Continued work with the tech dept in my district… I am still humbled by what I do not know about using a Mac.  But – I have not given up!!
  • Networking with female educators… Getting people to express initial interest in a conversation with me is easy… Getting people to commit to actually having the conversation is a whole different ball game.  The good news is I have lots of interested gals, and I hope when I release my first episode, others will see that it isn’t that scary and actually quite fun!
  • Tinkering with my platform or hosting site… I admit I still have no idea why/what to choose, but I am attempting to stay in the free zone by linking a Google Site to this blog.  I am experiencing a lot of technical difficulties, so I am not sure my free zone idea is feasible.

I would love to hear from you if you’re a seasoned podcaster OR if you’re a female teacher/leader who could be featured on an upcoming episode!