Food Truck Wars Meets Twitter

What happens when a teacher shares her lesson on Twitter?  In short, she dramatically impacts not only her own students but multiple classrooms across the nation.  This is basically what happened when @tishrich shared her Food Truck Wars lesson on Twitter.  I retweeted her post to a Family and Consumer Science teacher at my own school, and as they say, the rest is history!

Avonworth High School students participated in a Food Truck Wars PBL unit, and it was, to say the least, an absolute hit with both teachers and students.  Students began their unit by brainstorming and selecting a Food Truck name and logo.  Students used the website Canva to display this information, along with a menu that included a signature dish.  Below is just one example of the students’ work:

To get students further excited about the idea of creating a Food Truck, the two teachers working on this project invited 3 food truck owners to our school, and they said YES!  Students were not able to purchase food from these food trucks (gotta love Federal Cafeteria Regulations!), but teachers and local community members came out to enjoy lunch on campus.  The food truck owners shared the story of their business and the process of starting a food truck with the students.  Students were able to have a small sample and got a behind-the-scenes tour of each truck.

After being inspired by these 3 food truck entrepreneurs, students were given the opportunity to try out their individual signature dishes.  Staff members came in to serve as local food tasters, providing feedback to the students for future preparations of the dishes. Using the locally created rubric, students worked toward crafting the perfect signature dish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The heat was on both literally and figuratively during the next lesson when students recrafted their signature dish for five local food experts!   Giving students a broader audience for their Food Trucks created both additional accountability but most importantly relevance to their work!

The Food Truck Wars will continue at Avonworth as four student groups go to the final rounds of competition, taking the critiques from the local food experts and creating a perfected signature dish.  In the end, the winner of the Food Truck Wars will be unimportant; it will be the student questioning, creating, tinkering and ultimately learning that happened!

I am thankful for the dedicated educators on Twitter who are willing to share their lessons, ideas and tools.   A special thank you to @tishrich for inspiring the idea and to @mgeorge12 and @MrsSebolt for implementing for our AHS students!



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