Day 3 of #100DayChallenge

Well, I have to start this blog post with a shout-out to Jeffrey Bradbury, as he reached out to me about starting my podcast and has been a HUGE help already!  He has resources and blog posts that can help get you started on your own podcasting journey… Check him out at or follow him on Twitter (@TeacherCast).

Tonight I read one of his blog posts:  And although I’m still a bit overwhelmed by all that I don’t know, I’m continuing on this journey because I know I have to start somewhere.

I am wondering how to even record a conversation… So can I do that with a person over the phone?  Do I need the skype app?  I downloaded it, twisted my sister’s arm to download too, and will play around with making phone calls with her tomorrow.  I also started a google search on using Google Hang Outs (GHOs – I am proud of figuring out this acronym on my own) to record my podcast series, but from what I can tell, this can only be done live.  I think it’s important to keep editing as part of the process, so I don’t think GHOs is going to work for me.  If you are reading this and know differently, please share!

Jeff also shares that it will only be after 50-100 episodes that I learn the craft of podcasting.  WOW – I guess I do have a lot to learn.  I am wondering if people create some trial episodes with friends and family before beginning an official show, or is it best to just jump right in?  Please share your experiences 🙂




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